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replica hermes bag 2019 Moda Operandi does not mess around. It’s a company predicated on making sure that the choosiest, most fashion-conscious luxury customers get what they want as soon after the first set eyes on it as possible, and perhaps unsurprisingly, those customers absolutely adore Hermes bags. The harder to find, the better. Heritage Auctions is particularly skilled at finding those impossible bags, and when Moda and Heritage get together, it’s a veritable exotic Hermes fiesta, the latest of which includes a six-figure alligator, Birkin.

hermes birkin replica There are a few things that contribute to making this particular Birkin such a high-dollar item. First, it’s a 35cm alligator piece; alligators are smaller than crocodiles, so getting a skin that’s big enough to make a bag of this size which also conforms to Hermes’ rigorous quality standards is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Alligator drives up the price of a bag in general, beyond that of all other exotics, but it drives up a big bag even more. Second, the bag is both very pale and in impeccable condition. Few bags in colors this light are available at all, and on the secondary market, a bag this light without obvious wear is another proverbial needle in yet another haystack. Those two rare occurrences come together on this piece, resulting in an ultra-covetable exotic bag that even a Hermes VIP might find hard to procure through traditional retail channels.

replica hermes birkin bag price 2019 The sale includes other exotic pieces, including two other large alligators Birkins (at the relatively modest prices of $79,500 and $89,500), plus some regular leather favorites in a variety of colors. The bags are marked at a premium, but if you’re like so many of Moda’s customers and you want rare things as quickly as you can get them, then you’re probably more than willing to pay the extra dollars. Shop the wholesale via Moda Operandi through November 23 or check out the bags we found most impressive below.

birkin bag hermes replica You’ll never find weirder, more wonderful designer handbags than you will at a luxury handbag auction. Auction houses source their finds from high-spenders, some of whom are lifetime collectors that have earned special-order privileges with their favorite brands after years of purchasing the bags most of us can only dream about. In the Heritage Auctions Holiday Luxury Signature Auction, you’ll find some of those special pieces, plus popular handbags at great prices and a few items that’ll make you wonder who thought of them in the first place.

hermes bag price replica Among those items is a Hermes Kelly that Heritage is billing as the rarest in the world: a one-of-a-kind special-order piece that features five bright red crocodile feet to match its red crocodile trim. Why five and not four? Who knows. The rich aren’t like the rest of us. If they want five, they get five, even if the topic at hand is stumpy little legs atop which their Hermes bags shall sit for all eternity. I’ve been looking at this bag for a couple days now, and I still feel like I might be hallucinating it.

replica hermes birkin 35 The auction holds some more mainstream options as well, like neutral leather Birkins and hard-to-find stingray replica bags Boy Bags, in addition to a tribute to Marc Jacobs’ handbag legacy at the helm of Louis Vuitton. Many of those bags, especially the ones that aren’t tried-and-true collectors’ items, will be a pretty good deal at Heritage’s auction, which runs December 10 and 11 in Dallas, Texas. If you’re not in Dallas, fret not – online bidding opens today. For more information on some of the most notable bags available, check out our selections below or peruse the catalog via Heritage.

I’m not a big Birkin fan, but I must say, that chocolate one with gold hardware is a stunner.

I went to look at the auction listing and four of the legs are triangular and one is square…and it’s not even the middle one that is the odd one out!

That chocolate Birkin is gorgeous. That five-legged Kelly is just odd.

I hate truly dislike the looks of the Birkin. It’s always so misshapen which looks worn and sloppy, to me.

Now I can say; I know what a five-legged Birkin looks like.

Serious?! That Kelly bag is hideous and brings back the saying “just because your rich doesn’t mean you have the taste….or can buy taste.”

It actually makes me feel a little nauseous. This is SO wrong.

replica herme bag What’s that you say? The world’s most expensive and exclusive handbags have the most expensive luxury retail address on Madison Avenue at which to rest their rarified haunches in anticipation of being scooped up by the world’s elite? Preposterous.

hermes bags replica Ok, so it’s not exactly shocking that the Hermes flagship boutique at the corner of Madison Avenue and 62nd Street, smack in the middle of Manhattan’s toniest retail district, pays the most rent per square foot of space on the famed avenue. What’s shocking is the number: over $1,700 per square foot for a space in excess of 30,000 square feet.

replica hermes side bag After some quick math (and the movement of a lot of zeroes), I’m here to tell you that the number on Hermes’ NYC rent check is over $51,000,000 for the 10-year extension that the brand just signed to continue residing in the three-story space, which houses a single building that is entirely occupied by Hermes. That’s a new record for Madison Avenue, although the New York Post reports that new buildings under development will demand as much as $2,200 per square foot on the street and that buildings in Times Square or on 5th Avenue in the 50s sometimes rent for as much as $2,500 per square foot.

replica hermes gypsy bag When you consider how much product a retail business has to move to make rents like this sustainable, you get a real picture of how the fashion industry affects the economy, both at a local New York level and at a national level. Our purchasing power is real, ladies and gents. People forget how much money Hermes actually makes, they spent over 100 million euros just on advertising annually according to the business of fashion. An exclusive brand I don’t think so.

replica hermes twilly Nicky Hilton has added a new bag to her stash, and it’s an Hermes bag – Quelle surprise! Here she is, getting her nails done in Beverly Hills with a cheery red Hermes Constance Shoulder Bag in tow. (It looks like she went with a very on-trend pale, muted pink polish, BTW. Let the fashion world take note.) Her gladiator sandals are the same Balenciagas we saw her in at Fashion Week, oh so many weeks ago.

replica hermes bag 2018 This Hermes bag didn’t make an appearance in Nicky’s ever-popular edition of “The Many Bags of…”, but there are plenty of other Hermes bags in there, as well as loads of the highest of high-end designer wares to ogle. Much like the universe itself, Nicky Hilton’s handbag collection is always expanding…I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a follow-up “Many Bags” post popped up before the new year.

You both are so dumb. Did it possibly occur to you that perhaps she got the strap shortened? So quick to jump to conclusions that a millionaire heiress. Would carry fake like the mere cost of a Constance is her problem

I could not agree more!! Obviously, this is not a real one, I have a Constance 23/24cm model which’s strap is so much shorter than Nicky’s.

Sorry, I have to agree with ladynutella – the straps in the pics you refer to are much shorter than that in the photos here. What gives? She wouldn’t wear awake, or would she?

The Constance doesn’t have a long enough strap to be worn cross-body (except the tiny one and the constant elan (like the one Dianne Kruger carries)

Actually, this is the only Hermes bag I don’t like, but it looks good on Nicky.

The bag is perfectly in scale for her. And I love the way the studded sandals echo the pattern in her skirt.

Nicky looks like she was conceived in Hilton NYC, where her sister looks more Hilton Vegas

best hermes replica It’s been a big week for luxury theft in the news. First, a woman in England was found guilty of stealing nearly 1,000 designer handbags, one by one, over a period of three years. If that weren’t enough, yesterday came word that an entire Hermes collection had been stolen off the back of a truck in Milan, forcing the cancellation of a Hermes press preview that had been scheduled. It seems as though when it comes to luxury goods, fingers the world over just keep getting stickier and stickier.

replica hermes taschen Italian authorities have arrested a 47-year-old Milanese man whose name has yet to be released for the theft of the Hermes collection, and handbag lovers will be happy to know that the half a million dollars worth of leather goods, accessories, and clothing was recovered intact. According to Business of Fashion, the collection was lifted when the drivers of the truck left it unattended to take a lunch break. BOF also notes that this is the second large-scale luxury theft in the area in six months; previously, thieves used petrol bombs to create confusion while they made off with a haul of Frank Muller luxury watches.

replica hermes belt bag Anecdotally, at least, it seems as though these incidents occur with increasing frequency as of late. Over the summer, Cannes experienced two separate jewelry heists, the first valued at over $50 million and the second valued at a whopping $136 million. Also this summer, a former Tiffany exec pleads guilty to stealing more than $2 million worth of jewelry from the company. In an incident perhaps closest to this new Hermes fiasco, Marc Jacobs had his entire Spring 2012 collection swiped in transport from Paris to London, also on its way to a press preview in late 2011. And those are just the highly publicized instances that I could think of off the top of my head; in all likelihood, that’s just scratching the surface, especially in the luxury-filled sections of Europe’s fashion capitals.

Oh, those truck drivers were definitely in on it! Who leaves a truck filled with half a million worth of goods unattended??!

These have to be inside jobs. How else would one know that a truck full of Hermes merchandise just “happens” to be unattended?

replica hermes belts Despite the fact that Women’s Wear Daily claims that what you see above is Hermes’ first-ever bicycle, we know that’s not exactly true – we’ve covered the Hermes bike in the past, and there’s one currently on sale at for $4,650. Still, any new Hermes goodies are notable Hermes goodies in our book.

birkin replica After all, who wouldn’t love to tool around the cobblestone streets of the West Village (or, you know, Paris) atop the Le Flâneur d’Hermès or the Le Flâneur Sportif d’Hermès, the two different models in which this bike will be made? The cycles, which will come in red, white or grey, are handmade in France (they’re Hermes, so, of course) and feature bull calf leather at the seat, handlebars, carry handles and luggage rack supports. The bike’s body, on the other hand, will be a lightweight carbon fiber.

replica hermes canada Apparently, Hermes wants this bike to be something people actually ride and use, and, admittedly, it looks a lot more like a functional bike than what Hermes is already carrying. It’s also going to be significantly more expensive – when this bike debuts in Hermes stores in November, it’ll retail for $10,750. Nice timing, Hermes – just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Well, put … But there will probably be a waiting list full of bike snobs (I’d love to see their expression when the bike gets stolen in front of a West Village hip cafe by a poor junkie who’s got no idea of what he scored)

Just when I thought fashion can’t get more ridiculous. I mean come on, really? This is snobiety at its worst.

the one that is on sale looks better than this one, more elegant I think

replica hermes birkin price In some ways, I find pre-owned bags more exciting than bags that are brand new and available at the click of a button all over the Internet. Finding a gorgeous pre-owned bag, whether it’s a discontinued colorway or special-order piece, makes me feel like I’ve spotted an endangered species in the wild, except that for the right price, I can take it home and make it my own. If you’ve got deep pockets, that’s exactly the opportunity that awaits you at the Moda Operandi x Heritage Auctions Special Collections Vintage Hermes Sale.

hermes belt replica We get really excited every time one of these sales pops up, mostly because of Heritage sources some truly mesmerizing bags. Prices start at $3,800 for a simple, elegant Hermes Whitebus Tote and max out at $99,500 (yes, you read that correctly) for a Hermes Constance in blue-grey crocodile with diamond-encrusted white gold hardware and a contrasting orange leather interior. In between those two extremes that are plenty of Birkins and Kellys in both regular types of leather and a plethora of exotics and multi-material combinations. If you’re feeling spendy, check out our favorites from the sale below or shop the full selection via Moda Operandi. Act fast, though – there are only one of each of these bags!

Hi, I have a 35cm Geranium Birkin for sale if anyone is interested, Based in London……its only been taken out twice and I am looking for a quick sale as I am not to keen on the color anymore……..

I agree! There’s even a couple (non-exotic leather) Birkin 35’s that are above $20K!! These prices are insane!

replica birkin bag hermes price list we welcomed the official start of summer, and nothing says summer quite like spending the day at the beach. I grew up on the beach, so I’m a true beach baby, and because of that, I’ve learned how to properly pack my beach bag with everything and anything I may need. When you are going to the beach just to enjoy the surf and sand, there is no need to go overboard – pick a bag that can stand to be thrown around and toss all your essentials inside. However, when you are going to the beach and want to make more of a fashion statement, there is an art to that as well.

hermes blanket replica Last time I was down in Florida, I had a fun weekend planned with my girlfriends. Since they always expect the best beach bag from me, I decided to bring out a special piece. A few months ago, I scooped up a rare Hermes Kelly that was part of a 1997 Voyage collection. There is no use for a plastic Hermes Kelly other than for the beach, so of course, I snapped it up. And yes, I understand that it is both cool and crazy.

replica hermes picotin Since this bag fits the see-through trend, if you opt for a clear bag, jazz it up by adding interesting items inside. I started with a gold Gerard Darel clutch, along with a bright green Proenza Schouler wallet and an orange Hermes pouch for easy-to-access credit cards, cash, and coins. This has all of my hidden necessities (like my bulky inhaler) covered, not to mention it looks really beautiful inside of the bag.

As for what I always carry to the beach with me on both easy beach days and dressed up beach days alike: sunscreen, lip balm, a snack, a book, sunglasses, my phone (which I also use for music) and gum.

Is there anything you always carry that I left out? Happy summer!

I love fresh sugar lip balm!!! I always bring it to the beach 🙂 plus sunnies a book and sunblock.

I would love to know the price for this rare Hermes Kelly bag. Thank you 😉

replica garden party hermes In case you’re not yet familiar with CR Fashion Book, let me explain – the “CR” stands for “Carine Roitfeld,” the incredibly influential and generally brilliant former editor of French Vogue. When she left her former post, she consulted for a little while before forming a new indie magazine, which is pretty great. Also great: the magazine’s look behind the scenes at the construction of the iconic Hermes Constance Bag, which promises to be the first in a series of features on the making of iconic accessories by CR editor Shiona Turini and photographer Ulysse Fréchelin. We’re pretty excited – the pictures from this first outing are beautiful.

replica hermes belt CR has taken the unconventional step of using Tumblr to power its official website, which happens to be a great format for big, beautiful, easily shared photos. We’ve shared some more of our favorites below, but you can check out the full editorial feature, plus information from Turini on the history of the bag, where it got its name and the process that goes into making the design a reality, via For example, did you know that it takes 14 hours of labor by a single artisan to create one of these bags?

kelly hermes bag replica I always love photos like these – lifting the veil on exactly how the world’s most beautiful objects are made often unveils a process that’s beautiful in and of itself, especially with a product as painstakingly constructed as a Hermes bag. Since this is the first in a series, which other accessories do you hope to make it in front of the CR lens?

replica hermes usa Yes. Birkins have actually started to over-saturate the market – they are no longer as big of a status symbol as they used to be since you can now see damned near everyone owning one in many areas. There are actually many better bags out there, but they haven’t reached the same level of snob appeal – yet.

Every Hermes stores I’ve been to, I’m told they don’t place orders anymore for Kelly or Birkin …Does anyone has heard of this?

I was just told by a rep at the Hermes store in Paris that they were discontinuing the Constance bag.

birkin bag replica Twice is a coincidence, but three times is a trend, so now that we’ve found a fourth Hermes Birkin covered in graffiti, I feel pretty comfortable saying that defiling the iconic handbag with pain, markers, and pens is officially a thing. The latest graffiti Birkin comes courtesy of street-art duo Mint & Serf, also known as The Mirf, who was commissioned by Jeff Kain to personalize a while leather Birkin that he bought for his wife Lynn Ban (you might be familiar with her jewelry line). That’s hot on the heels of Moda Operandi’s marked-up Birkin, plus self-styled versions by both Lady Gaga and Nicola Formichetti.

hermes bracelet replica Of the four different Birkin-customization techniques we’ve seen, this one is definitely the most clearly graffiti-inspired. Or perhaps “inspired” isn’t the word – it’s straight-up covered in the stuff, and the commissioned work cost several thousand dollars on its own, according to the Daily Mail. In contrast, Moda Operandi’s version is by far the most sophisticated and traditionally beautiful of the customizations, and both Gaga and Formichetti went to town in their own personal ways. The common thread, though, is the Hermes Birkin. No other bag has had art projects performed on it so fervently, and the reason why people love to mark it up is probably similar to why Francesca Eastwood decided to set one on fire last year – there’s something undeniably attractive about the opportunity to subvert an icon.

hermes kelly replica If you live in or have traveled to a place where Birkins are very commonly carried, you probably know that there’s often a look associated with them – upper-crust women who are prim and put-together, even when headed to a spin class. (Perhaps especially when headed to a spin class.) That image of decorum and privilege, combined with the extravagant price of a Hermes Birkin and its tailored, traditional look, have turned the bag into an easily recognizable totem of profligate wealth, which is currently a fashionable thing to reject. Nominally, anyway – you still have to have that wealth in order to acquire a Birkin to destroy in the first place. Or “customize.” Whichever way you prefer to see it. I’m still not sure which word I’d use.

Exactly right! So many women and men are perverted by this bag. WTF indeed is the right term!

Then you are one suck up to Hermes. Sorry to say that, but I don’t have any respect for any company who make their clients wait for many years for an item ordered and many times, clients wait for nothing at all. What absurd hubris!

No one is disrespecting you dearly. But calling someone not having enough brain is unnecessary. It’s not an opinion. That’s being judgemental when you don’t know the person.

replica hermes birkin bag price Why not enough brain? They have that kind of money to splurge and use it to make art on their bags instead of walls. Why not? I would do it if I had the money. People express themselves differently. People appreciate art and luxury differently too. Just because what they do is different from the regular norm, doesn’t mean they don’t have brains, no?

I would get my kids to draw on it, then it would be very special and pass it on to them for their own use when they are able to.

I would do this too if I had a white Birkin (it seems like such a lovely space to draw on!) but only if I did it myself because then it’d mean a lot to me.

why??? it’s her own property and she can well do whatever she wants with it, artsy or not.

I have an open mind with ”Art” this is just so disrespectful to the beauty that is Birkin.

Because they have more money than they know what to do

with. I love my Birkin but most people don’t have any idea what the bag is. I

think this bag looks cool. But Hermes needs to change up the Birkin bag may be

doing something like this or putting roses on it, a horse and carriage or

something It’s not a big deal if you have many of Birkins in the closet, but I wouldn’t to that to mine… lol…

replica birkin bag price I think that it’s a way not to subvert wealth, but to show it off. With a rise in consumers who are able to afford Birkins, they’ve become more commonplace – even exotics. So to show off your wealth, what do you do? You take a pristine object that most couldn’t dream of owning and you deface it. It shows that you can afford to be playful with a very expensive bag (like wearing a really extravagant necklace to the beach, I guess, or not caring if your designer dress gets dirty or something). There’s something ephemeral to the art, so it’s like you’re also stating that you can afford to turn what would be an investment piece into a temporary accessory.

It looks cool, I guess, but I don’t think I’d do this to my Birkin if I had one.

fake hermes belt That Birkin woman who carries defaced Birkin is sending a message to the world that the bag is only a thing to use for whatever purpose, not to be babied around. I would have mine strategically studded up with rusting nail heads to wear with my western outfit!

birkin hermes bag replica I don’t think it’s trying to subvert wealth. As mentioned, that would be ridiculous. It’s obvious you need money to buy a Birkin for any purpose. I think it’s widening the circle. It’s fashionable in the luxury industry right now to become more elite. That often comes with guidelines — body, hair, make-up, ideology, lifestyle, etc. Defacing a Birkin and carrying it brings a different kind of woman into the Hermes way, and when more follow suit the Birkin woman gains a wider range.

I love this! Turn a boring plain bag into something that grabs your attention! TDF! Not the best I’ve seen but I still love the idea/practice 🙂

replica hermes australia Garance Dore filmed a video (it might be on youtube) about her trip to Japan which along the way she customized her Lady Dior bag with graffiti and Japanese words along with other mementos. It was a quite interesting idea. I liked the finished product more than these horrific Birkins I must say.

And the funny thing…people aren’t willing to draw on their bags..but they will get tattoos…I think it’s kind of the same idea, only it doesn’t

kelly bag replica This looks cheap. I’m not opposed to the idea of customizing a Birkin (if it’s your bag, you’re entitled to do what you want to it) and I am also a big fan of street art, but this is a sad excuse for some “graffiti.” They should’ve commissioned someone that would have offered an upgrade to the bag, not a $5-looking street corner job.

generally, I think art on Birkins is a great idea. However, graffiti art is what you find in the east side gallery or Banksy etc. In my opinion, this is graffiti scribbles you find on walls scribbled by frustrated and angry youngsters.

OK. I’m a one who works in the design company and thinks

I have an open mind for arts.. and this is simply – not my taste; not only as a bag but a graffiti art.

replica hermes duffle bag If someone loves this one as an art piece, why not? It’s just his/her taste. You’re right- “pretty or ugly” means nothing. But as a bag? I don’t know. I wouldn’t even do this to a $5 handbag. This “art” just makes it look cheap, and I don’t see graffiti. I see Kindergartners at Work.

I don’t mind it at all. And since any white bag will eventually be filthy and unusable anyway, why not? I am of the mind that once you’ve paid for the bag, you can do what you want with it.

hermes sandals replica I love graffiti art and doing something different, but this looks plain ugly. It doesn’t fall into my category of something aesthetically pleasing. And ugly can be good, it can be art as it can make you view the world differently. I don’t feel that here. Also, true artists let their work speak for themselves, they let it into the world to have a life of its own, as no work of art truly exists without the perception of its consumers. Artists who defend their work and feel the need to justify what they’re doing somehow devalue their work and seem immature, in my view.

replica black hermes bag There’s nothing like the adrenaline rush of a Hermes flash sale, and that’s exactly what we’ve got for you today. Our friends at Rue La La are hosting a fabulous selection of pre-owned Hermes handbags for your shopping pleasure, and we’ve got your exclusive preview of the sale, which starts today at 11 a.m. That’s ten minutes from now, which is just enough time to check out our bright, spring-centric picks from among the sale’s many treasures.

hermes bag replica Beyond just the standard Birkins and Kellys that we’ve all come to love from Hermes, Rue La La’s sale also features crossbodies, travel bags and accessories like wallets, watches, and agendas. Whether you’re looking for a little bit of Hermes or a lot, Rue La La can help you out. Shop quickly, though – only one of each piece is available, and the sale runs for 72 hours only. Shop the full sale via Rue La La or check out our favorites from the selection below. that Kelly is gorgeous

hermes replica bags When it comes to the finest things in life, access is always an issue. Reservations at the best restaurants fill up weeks in advance, the best real estate flies off the market before a speck of dust can settle and the world’s best handbags are often sold out before they can even hit store shelves to be viewed by the public at large. When it comes to the intensely sought-after Hermes Birkin, which is quite literally the world’s most wanted handbag, that goes double. If you have no patience for waiting (or for playing maddening games with power-tripping sales associates), we’d like to offer an alternative: the incredible, triple-digit Birkin options available at Portero at any given moment.

replica hermes bag 2019 Recently, a number of online retailers and flash sale have tried to pull off what Portero has been doing for the better part of a decade: connect Hermes-hungry online consumers with the collectors and resellers who have the bags that they want. With that time and experience in the marketplace, Portero can guarantee a uniquely vast selection, along with the authenticity of every piece it sells. That’s particularly important when dealing with Birkins, which can reach into the six figures for a piece with diamond-encrusted hardware.

hermes birkin replica We doubt that any Hermes collector will be able to browse through Portero’s diverse selection without seeing something she likes, but if you’ve got a particular piece in mind that still eludes you, Portero can help out with that too. All you have to do is contact the site and let them know about the object of your affections, and the team will work with their network of sources to track down exactly the piece you’ve been seeking. To get started, check out our favorite pieces from the Portero Birkin selection below, or shop over 100 Birkins via Portero. More of a Kelly or Evelyne girl? Portero has an amazing general Hermes section as well.

They are the most wanted handbags, but they are also the most unaffordable handbags. I would buy some replicas.

replica hermes birkin bag price 2019 We know you get a lot of Hermes bags on replica bags, but typically we show you the coveted Birkin. Today, I want to show you the just as well-known Hermes Kelly in a version you may have never seen before: with outside zipper pockets. This is the Hermes Kelly Lakis, and it first hit stores in 2006. The Kelly was the ladylike predecessor to the Birkin, with a single top handle that gives this structured purse a very high-end feel. Ladies who lunch love this bag and the Hermes Kelly also comes in smaller sizes – perfect for a formal occasion where you’d still like to be able to fit things in your bag.

birkin bag hermes replica Of course, all Hermes bags come in different sizes and leather options, and if you choose a larger size in a grainy, thick leather (like Togo or Clemence), the Kelly becomes a little more casual. Adding two zip pockets really transforms the look, and that is precisely what the Kelly Lakis was introduced for. Not everyone who carries the Kelly wants a totally structured, box-shaped bag, and this version provides a sportier feel. It’s hard to track down, but I did see one pop up recently on Rue La La for $13,999.

I like this more relaxed feel. However, I’m not a big fan of outside pocket and usually don’t use them if I buy a bag that has them. If you put something in them, they make the bag look misshapen. I like the flat look.

hermes bag price replica I love Lakis. I have two bags in this design…one box/toile, one full leather. I know Kelly Lakis is a ‘love-hate’ bag…either you really love it, or you hate hate hate it. I am the definitely the former. It is my favorite model out of the various models Hermes offer…It is better than Birkin (in my opinion).

replica hermes birkin 35 I am a 33-year-old Man and I have had the Kelly Lakis for many years. I use it as a work bag/briefcase and I love it. I know when you hear the words “Kelly Bag” the last thing you think is… That would make a great Man Bag. But in my opinion, the Lakis works great for this working guy.

I’ve never seen this before but I really like it. The pockets are the first thing my eyes are drawn to and I had to look again to see that it is really a Kelly. Kind of reminds me of a guy’s bag though it is probably too small for this.

I am in LOOOOVVVVEEEE with this bag! I have been tracking this bag for so long now, and yeti still haven’t found one.. my ultimate holy grail for Hermes bags, that’s for sure.

replica herme bag I have an extra brand new one and they are about to get even rarer. So let me know if you still want one. I adore this bag–easier to carry than a Birkin and especially great with the outside pockets in front and the long zip pocket in the back for travel—airplane tickets and Eurostar tickets fit precisely and neatly so no reason to open your handbag in crowded airport or stations!